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i will release a mixtape, probably in july (:

life update

yo guys, wassup?

i know kinda really not talkaktive these days.

i’m busy with school, only 9 days left in highschool, and after that my final exams will start. so yeah

and i catch a cold these days and the weather outside is freakin’ awesome… damn

anyway i will write more, when these 9 days are over

so much to do x.x

see ya

btw. i’m going to taiwan in june!

you know what?

my birthday was last week lol

actually had a wonderful birthday party with my friends and some good bands

it really went good, not as bad as i thought.

i rented a room and invited bands and my friends brought some food. it was really good (:

my pre exams… yeah maths was ok, the other things i can’t say now, because i didn’t get them back yet. i hate it.

and my vacations are coming, only two days left. my last vacations in high school. hell.

i need to enjoy them, and i wanna record a mixtape. hope i can do that, and it will become really great.

on sunday i’m going to berlin, to the b2st concert. can’t say now, how it’ll be.

too much things in my head, so yeah. hope it’s not too confusing.

see ya guys

tomorrow school… CRAP!

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